This article gives a general overview of the steps involved


Wall mounted toilets are great space saver and less expensive than the tankless models. 8mObviously this decides on what size Shower you fit as they start from 760mm x 760mm upwards, Basin from 400mm wide upwards, toilet usually about 350mm wide. At 25½ inches front to back, it juts out less than any toilet in the industry. This article gives a general overview of the steps involved in adding an en suite but for a more detailed step by step description of adding an en suite shower room (minus the toilet) please see here. If we have to go for just the extra toilet/basin so that we can get as close as possible to the soil pipe we would need to go into a very small space with a sloping roof. You can see the lines on the floor I drew that represent the desired comfort space around the toilet. An L-shape space would require even less space, since the shower could be tucked into one end of the ‘L’. We fitted an under stairs loo at our last house into a space measuring 700mm x 1200mm. 3m) will be needed to provide a space of 11 cubic metres. Toilet flush handles should be of a paddle type design to assist users with limited dexterity. Where space is limited careful planning of the workplace is particularly important. The tankless toilet has the benefit of a siphon flushing system with large water surface area and be clog-free like the washdown type. Whatever small bathroom ideas you may have, the size and range of toilet types out there will amaze. Compact toilets and small-scale sinks can be used to make a small toilet room feel more spacious. “It’s not that a regular-size toilet won’t fit,” she explains. Although this made a long thin room it gave ample space for a 1200 x 900 shower enclosure on one short wall, a basin on the one long wall and a toilet on the other short wall. Choosing the right water closet will save you space and still offer good aesthetics. When you are facing a tight space issue in your bathroom remodeling, may be you should look to the corner. Sinks A minimum clear floor space of 30x48 inches should be provided in front. The code requires 15 inches of side-to-side clearance from the centerline of the toilet to the wall, which means that the width of the room must be a minimum of 30 inches at its narrowest point. He suggests a neo-angle shower that fits into a corner as the best choice when space is a consideration. As these will determine the size of the toilet that is suitable for the space area. The ceiling needs to be a minimum of 80 inches above the toilet.